At MGA, we know that experience is acquired by in depth knowledge of one domain. We have therefore concentrated our efforts on what we know and do best: SharePoint and .NET.
The different technological choices surrounding SharePoint can seem infinite and complex, but the right technology imposes itself when real requirements have been identified and the organizational context is well defined.

MGA’s primary objective is to identify customer needs and find solutions that work.
Companies are searching for adaptable and scalable SharePoint or .NET systems according to their specific requirements. Since future requirements are difficult to identify, IT systems must be developped in a non-restrictive way and according to a scalable architecture.

Several techniques have been known for a long time, among them multitier development (N-tier). This technique ensures that different components of the application will be reusable in other applications in the organization (for example, tax calculation, adding an order, vacation calculation); this allows a single common source code for all application (internal, web and extranet). This will diminish maintenance costs and centralize the processing logic.

MGA uses this technique, amongst others, in order to ensure that your SharePoint systems are felxible and scalable.
MGA has the tools necessary to the proper functionning of its internal operations.

The increasing complexity of systems, human factors and the interaction of a large number of stakeholders, requires tools to monitor development, the coordination of change requests and to carefully maintain systems. br/>
Whether it be tools for project management, prototyping, task tracking, or its own development platform, MGA has ensured that we have the tools to deliver, on time, SharePoint or .NET systems that are reliable and that satisfy the needs of our clients.