Founded in 1986, MGA Concept has built a reputation of excellence thanks to its large-scale successful SharePoint and .Net deployments achieved on-time and under-budget. In fact, the key to these achievements and successes for MGA has proven to be our great adaptability due to a combination of recognized and proven work methodologies like RAD, Agile, Warterfall, PMI, etc.

Depending on the type of project and the type of client, MGA will use the approach or combination of approaches that best fit your needs.
However, what clearly distinguishes MGA CONCEPT from the competition is the care we take first and foremost to understand our client’s business reality. This allows us to correctly understand their business objectives and hone in on their needs in terms of both process and technology. Relying on our expertise which has been developed over the course of a number of contracts and years of experience, MGA will be able to bring your projects to completion using the best practices in the industry.
MGA has experienced stable and sustained growth thanks to the most rigorous operational structure and management process. This is particularly because MGA has developed a Project and Request Management software program (MGA Tracker) which ensures rigorous tracking of each of the steps of the project by optimizing the coordination of the tasks assigned to internal resources (architect, project manager, programmer, etc.) and external resources (the client’s administrator, test users, training center professionals, etc.).

Thus, MGA applies PMI Standards to all of its projects. To find out more about PMI Standards, visit