Solutions MGA pour SharePoint If you need a rigorous document management system and you want to make it transparent and simple to use for your content creators as they work together every day, we have the SharePoint solution for you. That’s right. With SharePoint, flexible collaboration is a strength that can sometimes run counter to the rigorous demands of methodical categorization and document conservation management. Whether its for documents or for any other company content (emails, images, forms, etc.), MGA has developed a mechanism to give archivists complete authority without SharePoint users being aware of the automatic categorization at work. It is quickly installed and configured on your server or available in hosted mode, so you can take advantage of a proven SharePoint solution that features several important improvements to make your collaboration and document management platforms a genuine success.
  • Centralized management of classification codes
  • Centralized management of backup calendars
  • Automatic categorization of business content (documents, emails, etc.)
  • Mechanism and routine for destruction of flexible content that allows for adjustments when necessary
  • MGA functionality: Template Management (letter, report, policy, etc.) with automated creation
  • MGA functionality: Automated completion of properties (metadata)
  • MGA functionality: Auto-completion of service documents with SharePoint content (address, logo, supervisor, project manager, consultant, etc.)[1]
  • MGA WEBPart: My recent documents
  • MGA WEBPart: My recent documents by category
  • MGA WEBPart: Recent documents
  • Entirely developed on SharePoint
[1] Requires Office 2007 version or later
  • Avoid undue multiplication of your SharePoint content and keep it from being organized without centralized coordination.
  • Empower archivists to control the SharePoint environment and let users collaborate without having to worry about organization.
  • Find out at a glance what your colleagues are working on.
  • Avoid wasting time updating the content in documents that are already in the SharePoint environment (addresses, supervisors, logos, etc.)[1]
  • Avoid wasting time with the wrong document versions.
  • Avoid wasting time with the wrong versions of forms.
  • Avoid risks linked to the use of outdated policies and procedures.
  • Collaborate and diffuse information effectively and on-target using a proven and secure environment.
  • Based on best practices, this environment is already preconfigured to ensure rapid and reliable deployment.

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