Documentation is the vital information that constitutes the memory of a company. It includes the words, concepts, and figures that tell us what the company is and what it does. EDM participates in the collaborative work and information exchange processes.

In a concrete framework, EDM with SharePoint increases productivity by making it easier to track documents and their versions, by multiplying search modes and making it easier to access information in real time in an expanding business reality (field service people). In short, EDM SharePoint represents a significant savings in time and money for organizations.
Centralize access to all your documents and manage minor and major versions

With SharePoint, you can centralize access to all your documents and manage minor and major versions. You manage document versionsmodels and their life span . You can categorize them by department, by business sector, by division, by project, by user group or any other relevant category, which will make searches immensely easier.

You can also assign attributes, like Microsoft Office, so you can find them more easily, because these attributes (metadata) will then be published in a list that is accessible to everyone. Also, you can determine the level and type of access according to document type, for any type of user or user group at a granular level. 
Improve productivity and guarantee the quality and relevance of information

With SharePoint’s advanced functions, you can create workflows tied to the Management of your Documents, whether your goal is to put in place detailed processes for approval, collecting comments and/or electronic signatures as well approving document provisions and document revisions by sending emails or assigning tasks to designated resources.

You will improve Productivity and guarantee the quality and relevance of the Information contained in your documents thanks to these Collaboration functions. So you can assign to any document your conservation and expiration policies and your audit parameters. What’s more, you can manage and monitor the information, documents, and processes from the Intranet or Extranet portals of your organization.
Manage the complete life cycle of your documents and monitor all changes

Thanks to certain components that are integrated in SharePoint WSS document librairies (foundation now) or the SharePoint Server, expansive functions let you manage the complete life cycle of documents and monitor changes made to them. This will also allow for document approval and revision routing according to the user’s role and document-specific variables, all while complying with SharePoint permissions, conserving document histories and creating an audit list. What’s more, you will also control assignment and reassignment durations as well as reminders for users or teams.

If you already have a specialized application for documentation management, integration features will be used to align the two applications in order to optimize the work of your valued collaborators.
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