Most of your applications and systems have been conceived, designed, and deployed to respond to some very precise needs. The “best of breed” approach is adopted by many because it offers flexibility, a specialization, and a decentralization that is beneficial to most organizations. The major disadvantage is that it becomes difficult after the fact to have a general view of all the information without having to consult a whole pile of applications. Proper integration, that’s the guarantee that all the technologies and applications (including commercial software, developed applications, installed software packages, etc.) communicate perfectly well and work in perfect harmony, thereby optimizing your processes and giving you centralized management of your information system. Thanks to a platform like SharePoint, now it’s possible.
Easily direct your collaborators toward the right information. SharePoint gives you easy and efficient access to information spread across your various systems thanks to a simple linking system and web parts that serve as connections to various databases and popular applications or by using the multi-source search engine. By increasing user autonomy: there’s no more need to burden the computing service with administrative requests to publish content or access information. What’s more, you can thereby reduce the total cost for licences because many users will no longer need direct access to the applications.
Present the right information to the right people, no matter where they come from. It is possible to extract and consolidate information coming from various sources so that SharePoint only presents a single version of the truth. Then you can avoid multiple interpretations. Also, you can gather information coming from several applications and add additional information in order to save the results of this combined knowlege either in SharePoint or elsewhere.
Adopt a simple and centralized approach to updating information in your systems. In addition to supplying and improving information, SharePoint can act as a transactional connector between your applications. With its great flexibility, you can use SharePoint processes to facilitate integration and add or pass through information by using friendly interfaces. The best example is the management of the employee hiring or departure processes which can require a host of real interventions and changes in your applications so you can avoid a whole pile of major problems.
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