SharePoint solutions should be implemented according to your needs:

  • When? At the right time for you,
  • How? In the way that suits you best,
  • Why? For the right reasons!

Before Implementation

  • Strategic planning
  • Needs analysis and prioritizing
  • Implementation and integration strategy
  • Coaching and knowledge transfer
  • Training
  • Governance

During Implementation

  • Diagnostics
  • Needs analysis and prioritizing
  • Prototyping and solution architecture
  • Personalization, integration and web parts
  • Change Management
  • Installation and deployment
  • Coaching and knowledge transfer
  • Training
  • Governance

After Implementation

  • Diagnostics
  • Post-deployment implementation strategy
  • Improvement
  • Customization
  • Coaching and knowledge transfer
  • Training
  • Migration
  • Support and assistance
  • Governance


  • Prioriser vos projets SharePoint adéquatement
  • Déléguer certains de vos projets
  • Laisser votre personnel gérer les opérations quotidiennes
  • Ajouter un projet sans encombrer vos équipes internes
  • Documenter votre solution
  • Budget par phases

On-Site Support

  • Best person at the best time according to the skills needed
  • Easy to budget for
  • Continuous improvement of your SharePoint
  • Flexible schedule and tailored utilization
  • Thorough knowledge of the organization and its collaborators
  • Tracking over months, over years
  • Transfer of knowledge and personalized training

Training and Coaching

  • Become independent more quickly
  • Master the SharePoint Platform
  • Ensure in-house competency
  • Facilitate good decision-making
  • Benefit from the actual experience of consultants-trainers
  • Know how to understand SharePoint’s additional offerings


  • Get in touch with a specialist quickly
  • Rapidly address problems
  • Avoid the costs of having several specialty areas covered in-house
  • Avoid the loss of time and revenue because of recurring problems
  • Track your requests in our secure extranet
  • Receive service in English or French

Save Time

  • Get started quickly
  • Realistic and accurate evaluation
  • Realistic SharePoint project planning
  • Effective coordination
  • Conserve SharePoint project momentum
  • Phase by phase deployment

Save Money

  • Reduce costs associated with an in-house specialization
  • Avoid recreating what SharePoint already provides
  • Reduce costs associated with installation delays or poor planning
  • Reduce costs associated with installation errors

Improve Quality

  • Avoid basic errors
  • Choose the best options
  • Choose a truly scalable SharePoint solution
  • Optimal needs prioritization
  • Governance plan according to best practises
  • Change management